Spring Break Camp 2024 - Monday

Spring Break Camp 2024 - Monday

Our spring break camp kicked off with a burst of energy and excitement at our art studio! The day was split into two awesome activities, blending STEM exploration with classic artistry.

First up was our Earth Day tribute to impressionism. We learned about Claude Monet and his famous lilies paintings, then had a blast creating our own colorful lilies masterpieces. We experimented with different brush strokes and techniques, even using the backs of brushes for cool effects!

After a quick snack break, we dove into kinetic art inspired by Yaacov Agam. We made Earth Day-themed agamographs, putting together two images to create cool, interactive artworks.

We wrapped up the day with a yummy lunch of mac and cheese and apples, some fun games with counselors, and a nature documentary on whales. It was an awesome start to camp, and we're so glad everyone joined us for the adventure!


Presentation for the kids:

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