Cherishing our community's creative heritage

Our mission is to preserve and continue providing a space where creativity flourishes, fostering connections and enriching lives through art.

Reopening Earth Arts

We have been preparing for a reopening that reflects both our respect for its legacy and our vision for its future. Our immediate focus has been on refreshing and cleaning up—in the process, we've uncovered treasures that have been part of the studio for nearly 15 years, each with its own story to tell.

Looking ahead

We envision Earth Arts as more than just a studio, but as a vibrant hub for creators and a place of enrichment for the community. To support this vision, we’ll be introducing a range of new products and programs - just some of the things we’ll be working on this year:

  • A dedicated pottery making area, equipped with multiple potter's wheels and offering a variety of classes.

  • A production studio, set to cater to a wide range of mediums and technologies, including 3D printers, silk screening, and more.

  • Extended hours to better serve the community, including more daytime hours for young children not yet in school and for our senior/retired community members.

  • A diverse array of programs from photography and painting to more unique crafts like tufting and jewelry making. These offerings will be brought to life through partnerships with some of the most talented people in our community.

  • A selection of art supplies, ensuring our community has access to the best materials while still being able to shop local. We're also introducing to-go kits—perfect for playdates and sparking creativity at home.

  • Gallery events, exhibits, and art shows to showcase the work of artists from Long Beach and the surrounding areas.

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