Art holds a profound place in our lives, serving not just as an outlet for expression, but as a medium that deeply touches the soul and opens minds to new ways of thinking. We believe in the power of creativity to uplift and inspire, which is why we're dedicated to fostering a space where art thrives.

For nearly 15 years, Earth Arts has stood as a cornerstone of creativity in our community. It's been a space where imagination wasn't just welcomed, but nurtured.

When we learned of its impending closure, we were overwhelmed with the thought "what can we do to save this?" At this point, we embarked on a mission to preserve this beloved studio and transform it into a hub where new activities and projects could flourish.

Susan Clancy

Owner & Program Director

Art is my sanctuary, whether I'm crafting with my kids or behind the lens of my camera. I've built my own visual design agency and serve as a volunteer board member on the Long Beach Arts Council in my spare time. While I don't consider myself a traditional artist, art is deeply ingrained in my life—it's a source of spiritual and intellectual growth.

Running this studio is an extension of my commitment to the arts. It's my way of creating a space where discovery and connection thrive, enriching our community's cultural fabric.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to cultivate a space where every individual can engage with art in a way that is meaningful and transformative. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of artistic expression and the connections it fosters within our community.