Summer Camp 2024 - Ocean Week

Summer Camp 2024 - Ocean Week

Recapping the First Week of Summer Camp: An Ocean of Fun and Creativity! 
As we wrap up the first week of our summer camp, it's clear that this has been an incredible way to kick off the summer! We've had an awesome group of kids, and our ocean-themed activities have truly set the tone for an exciting season ahead. Here's a look back at the highlights of our week.

Painted Sharks and the Bubble Technique
We dove right into the fun with a painted sharks activity. The campers were introduced to the super fun bubble technique, where they mixed their own gradients and bubble formula. And then after we painted, the campers got to experience the Behind the Scenes process of glazing their own pottery! The result? Beautiful ceramic masterpieces, each shark uniquely designed and bursting with color. The creativity and excitement were palpable as the kids watched their creations come to life.

Beach Scene Coasters: Names in the Sand
Next, we moved on to painting beach scenes on ceramic coasters. Each camper got to write their name in the sand, a personal touch that won’t get washed away with the waves! The kids practiced different brush techniques, creating stunning scenes that they can cherish for a long time. It was wonderful to see their pride in their work and the camaraderie as they shared their techniques with each other.

Paper Mâché Jellyfish Sculptures
Art takes time, and our paper mâché jellyfish sculptures were a testament to that. Over three days, the campers ideated, sculpted, glued, painted, and decorated their jellyfish. Along the way, they shared and learned fascinating facts about these mesmerizing sea creatures. The process taught patience, diligence, and attention to detail, and the end results were spectacular. Each jellyfish sculpture was a unique masterpiece, reflecting the hard work and creativity of its maker.

Inspired by Hokusai: The Great Wave off Kanagawa
We ended the week on a high note with an introduction to Japanese artist Hokusai. Inspired by his famous work "The Great Wave off Kanagawa," our campers recreated their own ocean views of Mount Fuji using paint and collage techniques. They also practiced Japanese Shuji, learning to write the character for wave in Japanese (波, Nami). This activity was not only creative but also educational, offering a glimpse into another culture and its art forms.

Making Memories and Friendships
In addition to all the creative projects, we had a great time dancing, playing games, and making new friends to break up the day. These goofy moments of laughter and connection were just as important as our artistic endeavors. It was heartwarming to see the campers bond and support each other!

Looking Forward
This first week has been an amazing start, filled with creativity, learning, and fun. We're so proud of our campers and their incredible work. As we look forward to the coming weeks, we can't wait to see what other amazing projects and adventures await. Stay tuned for more updates and stories from our summer camp!

Thank you to all the campers, parents, and staff who made this week such a success. Here's to a fantastic summer ahead!

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